Not Just Another Blog Post

It’s been a while.
My last Instagram post was last November, nearly six months ago.
My last blog post was in January.
It’s practically May and I’ve done one post this year.
I kept telling myself it was because…

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Grown Up Lullaby

You’re a grown-up whose been told,
That in today’s world.
You must mask your troubles,
Ignore your struggles,
Lock them in a tiny bubble.
Force that smile,
Because sharing pain ain’t grown-up style…

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The Baby J Poem

When I was molested as a kid,
I thought it was because of something I did.
I felt scared and ashamed,
Like part of me would never be the same…

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The Fear

I’ve been working on a project for the last 9 months. In the beginning, I was moving pretty fast, but now that the project is

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The Cheesecake

“The cheesecake is brown,” I said to myself. “It’ll be fine.” This reaction surprised me. There used to be a time when a brown cheesecake,

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