About Me


Hi, I’m Jacklyn, but please call me Jack.

I spent my first 25 years in Orange County, California.
And have spent the last seven years all over the world.
We’re currently based in Boulder, Colorado.

I find writing and travelling therapeutic.

My husband, Rob, and I got engaged within two months of meeting.
We were married seven months after engagement.
When you know, you know.

I was never a dog person, but Lucy helped saved my life.
She’s our two and a half year old golden retriever.
She has many names.
My Lucy Pup.
Little Bear White Butt.
Sweet Pup.
Little LP.
And she’s my best friend, second to Rob of course.

                                      I love DIY crafts,  all holidays, hosting parties

This isn’t a surface level blog.
And my intent isn’t to make you uncomfortable.
I’m simply sharing my story  and my journey.
In the humble hopes that someone, somewhere can relate.
And not feel alone anymore.

Thanks for reading.