I'm Jack.

I spent my first 25 years in Orange County, California.

I have spent the last eight years all over the world.

I love DIY crafts, all holidays and hosting parties.

My husband, Rob, and I got engaged within two months of meeting.

We were married seven months after engagement.
When ya know, ya know.

I wrote a book called, “Baby J Says No!”

It teaches kids how to recognize and say “NO!” to sexual abuse.

You can read why I wrote it here, What I would have told my 5 year old self.

I was never a dog person, but Lucy saved my life.

She’s our 3-year-old golden retriever.

She has many names.

My Lucy Pup.

Little Bear White Butt.

Sweet Pup.

Little LP.

She’s my best friend, second to Rob of course.

The three of us are currently based in Salt Lake City, UT.

My dream is to move full-time to either Scotland or Ireland as I feel most at peace in both countries.

Whichever country accepts Lucy the easiest will be the deciding factor.


I started this blog in 2017

  with the hopes of helping others who have been sexually abused feel less alone.
Maybe not so surprisingly, I ended up helping myself along the way.
Who knew that writing could be so therapeutic?
It has been a crazy journey of emotions.
I’ve felt angry, sad, spiteful, happy and indifferent.
I often get tired of talking about my story.
It can feel so heavy and I don’t want to be known for heaviness.
I want to be known as being a light in a dark world
As for my story...


It’s all still unfolding, but you can get caught up here on the blog.

You’ll see a bunch of angry poems, especially if you scroll way back to the beginning.

Sometimes I want to go back and delete them because I sound like a psycho, but then it might be taking away from someone that is feeling the exact same thing in that moment.

For better or worse, all of my writing once posted, stays forever. 

No matter how painful.



One cool aspect on keeping all of the posts is that I get to see my progress.

I’m not perfect now. I still write angry poems. 
I still often talk about hating the people that are supposed to love me.

This is a journey to Self-Worth.


There is no destination and the process and healing never end.

By sharing my story and my pain it has morphed into my purpose in life.

Trying to do my part in stopping sexual abuse.

I’m glad you’re here as I share stories along my healing journey from sexual abuse.

In the humble hopes that someone, somewhere can relate.

And not feel alone anymore.

This blog has changed my life for the better and I hope it can do the same for you.

Thanks for reading and please say hello.



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The Best Decision I've Never Made.

Attachment-1 (2)

We had several dogs throughout my childhood.

We would keep them and then give them up when the responsibility became too much.

Except Bella.

We kept her longer than we should have.
And when I think of how neglected she was, I want to cry.
We had no business owning dogs.
And for us, dogs were not part of the family.


Not Today


I’m gonna let this out,
You know who you are,
And what my anger is about.

You’re a waste of space,
A major disgrace.
Preying on me as a teen,
Those years were a bad dream.
Master manipulator,
Wanna be entertainer.
Poor excuse for a man,
You are, your only fan.
I should have told on you when it all began.



 “What do you see when you look in the mirror?” She asked me.
“I see stretch marks and cellulite,” I said in a shy voice.
“Look again and tell me what you see,” She replied.
“Split ends, dry skin,” I quickly muttered under my breath.

“Look deeper, and tell me what you see.”
“I see a scared little girl,
Whose broken inside. Sad.
Who once wanted to die…”