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Why I Write Children’s Books

When I was around five, I went to live at my Grandma’s house (my Dad’s mom).
My Mom was having financial trouble and my Dad was addicted to drugs and alcohol.
They were hardly ever around.

I spent almost two years at my Grandma’s house.
I didn’t really know her and she didn’t speak English so it was hard to communicate with her.
She did the best she could, but I was alone a lot. 
I remember always missing my parents, especially my Mother.

My Grandma’s house was packed with relatives living there including aunts, uncles, and cousins.
For this reason, I didn’t have a room of my own.
So at night, I would set up my little cot on the floor in the den.
I would grab my snow globe, which was a gift from my Mother, and wind it up over and over falling asleep to its sweet song and dancing glittery flakes.

I cherished that snow globe.
Sleeping next to it made me feel as if my Mom was there with me.
It gave me comfort.
But above all, it gave me hope that she would come back or call.

Then one day, one of my cousins broke it.
It was an accident but still, I was completely crushed.
I remember seeing it on the ground, shattered into tiny pieces.
Water and glitter everywhere.

I cleaned it up, put it in the trash and tried not to dwell.
But without the comfort of my snowglobe to distract me, the reality of me being without my parents had set in.
I felt so alone and I silently cried myself to sleep that night.

Every night after that I would put myself to bed wishing my Mom was there to tuck me in and read me a story.
I would see parents reading to their kids on TV and it always looked so cozy.
So loving.
So comforting.
I wanted these moments so badly as a child.

Now that I’m an adult, these moments that I wanted so badly have now become the moments that I am able to create for others through writing books.

When I write, I picture kids hopping into bed with a book and snuggling up with their parents as they read to them.
The thought of this makes me so happy.

Writing children’s books is my way of bringing parents and kids together to connect and bond.
Every book I write is an opportunity to give parents and children a special moment together.
Special moments in time that will eventually turn into sweet memories.

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