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The Best Mail! What I’ve been working on.

“Lexi and Alexi Cross The River,” was the name of the first book I ever wrote.
It was about two sister bears who used teamwork to cross a river.
It was an elementary school assignment, I usually hated school work but I enjoyed this one.
I remember drawing the bears and putting different colored bows on their ears.

That elementary school assignment is what sparked my interest in writing books.
I never thought I would actually do it, or was capable of doing it.
Until one day, It dawned on me that the ones who need to hear about speaking up the most are young kids.
I realized my blog would never reach kids so I knew I needed to find a way.

This is how “Baby J Say’s NO!” came about.
I couldn’t reach kids through blogging but I could through a book specifically made for them.
It all happened so fast.
I didn’t think about it, I just did it.
Had I thought about it, it probably never would have gotten done.
When I think about stuff I tend to talk myself out of stuff, which is why for me, it’s best not to think and just do.
Figure it out along the way.

Anyway, I loved every minute of working on Baby J- even the hard times.
Once Baby J was done I told myself it was time to move onto other things.
But no matter what I did, nothing made me as happy as I was when I was working on Baby J.

So back in May I ditched the project I was working on, more on that later, and started writing again
And I’ve created a children’s book series about a puppy whose name is Fluffers.

Fluffers is a golden pup who goes on adventures while meeting new friends along the way who teach him important life lessons.

Lucy was my inspiration.
Having her has thought me so much, so I thought it would be cool to create books about a puppy who shares good messages.

I’ve got six books in the first Fluffers series and today I got the first book printed and delivered, so excited!
Holding a printed version of Fluffers feels so good.
I’m super happy with how the first book turned out.
The colors are bright and happy and the printing came out right on the first try.

When I was working on “Baby J Say No!” it took forever to get the printing right.
The bleed was off multiple times, such a headache!
But, I learned a lot from all those mistakes.
Mainly, I learned not to publish with Amazon-they’re so annoying!
Which is why I won’t be using Amazon this time.
I will be going the Shopify route with Rob’s help.

Rob and I have a pretty good set up going.
I write and get the books done, and he handles all the ads and Shopify stuff.

Working on Fluffers the last few months has been so fun.
I love coming up with new characters and storylines.
None of it feels like work.
I can write into the late hours of the night and not even realize it because I’m so into what I’m doing

I feel like I’m on the right path.
Doing something I love that can actually help people, which is all I’ve ever wanted.
Excited to get the whole series illustrated and printed.
1 down, 5 more to go.

P.s. After My Grandma passed I didn’t feel like writing here on the blog.
The last post I wrote was about her passing and so my blog kinda turned into a painful reminder. I couldn’t look at it for months. Her death has brought up a lot for me. I’ll share more later when I’m ready. But, right now it just feels good to be writing here again.

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