Talking Versus Writing My Story.

As much as I write and share my story, it’s still hard for me to talk about it.
Last night we had new people over for dinner.
It was a lot of fun.
But, there was this moment where the conversation got a bit serious for a second.

I was asked a question that required me to share a bit of my story.
I felt nervous and I wanted to hide.
But then I thought, “No, I’m done hiding.”
So I answered the question.

My voice was a bit shaky and I felt my stomach cringe as I said the words, “molested” and “abused” out loud.
There is something about saying my story out loud that makes it more real.
It stings a bit more when I talk about it versus when I write about it.
Not sure I will ever be super comfortable sharing my story verbally.

But I do notice the more I talk about it the easier it gets.
Two years ago, I would have had a meltdown just at the thought of talking about my story.
But last night I didn’t.
I got emotional but I was okay.

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