adult years

One Thing Only.

I’m scattered.
I’m trying to work on four different things.

I’m trying to get Speak UP Voicewear going. 
I’m trying to write another kid’s book.
I’m trying to write a fiction book.
And I’m trying to do a dress line.
I’m all over the place and it’s not going well.
I’m half-assing it all just trying to keep up.
I’m so distracted.

Which is why I will be focusing on one thing and one thing only.
And I choose to focus only on Speak UP Voicewear.
I believe in the message of speaking up with my whole heart.
Speaking up literally saved my life.

While this decision feels right, I am a little hesitant to stop writing my fiction book.
I can let go of the kid’s book and dress line.
But when it comes to my book, not working on it doesn’t feel right.

The thought of putting it aside for the next however many years while I get  SUVW going makes me sad.
Every day I think about the character and create new scenes in my head.
It just happens.
I can’t turn it off.
So this will be very hard for me because even if I’m not working on it, it will still be in my head taking up mental space.
But, I will have to tune it out somehow because I really want SUVW to work.

It’s just me right now.
I honestly have no clue what I’m doing. I’ve never started a real business before.
Rob guides me a bit when I need it, but I really want to figure this all out on my own.
Plus, I want him to focus on his Pickleball career because that’s his dream.

Anyway, this is my decision and I’m kind of excited.
I’ve never focused on only one thing before.
I’ve focused on nothing before, but never just one thing.
I’m interested in seeing what happens when I cut out all distractions and focus.

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