Best Places To Travel During Christmas.

I love Europe. Especially during Christmas time.
So I was excited to have the chance to go back to Europe this Christmas season.
We went to Vienna, Budapest, and Norway.
Each place was super Christmassy.
Here are my favorite moments…


We first visited Vienna three years ago and ever since then it has been my favorite place for Christmas.
Vienna does Christmas right with its Christmas markets, mulled wine, pretzels, sausages, ice-skating and homemade cookies.

The whole city is decorated with garland and wreaths.
The cobblestone streets are dimly lit.
And, every restaurant is tiny, cozy and lit by candlelight.
It’s definitely the most romantic place during Christmas which is why it’s my favorite city during the holidays.
Here are some pictures from the Christmas Markets…

Vienna also serves the best Schnitzel which is my favorite dish…


Neither one of us knew much about Budapest, nor was it on our list of places to go, but we decided to give it try.
When we got there we took a bus tour of the city.
The city doesn’t have much history to be told, but it’s beautiful.

At night we spent our time at the Christmas markets.

I ordered a hot chocolate and it was literally
a cup of melted chocolate. Now water or milk.
Just Chocolate.
This is me trying to drink it because
I didn’t want to be wasteful
but I couldn’t drink it
and neither could Rob so I ended up tossing it.


We spent most of our time in Norway as Rob was hosting an anti-tech trip.
I’ve done anti-tech trips before and never had an issue but I kinda panicked a bit with this one.
We were going to see the Northern Lights and, “I need pictures,” I told myself.
But then I asked myself “Why?”
“Because I want pictures to post on Instagram and my blog,” I thought.
That’s when I knew I needed a time out.

So in Norway, I told myself that I would let go of my picture taking obsession.
I wasn’t going to take photos, ask for photos, or be in photos.

The first couple of days without my phone were hard.
We were seeing some many cool things.
We saw the Northern Lights.
Then we went dog sledding.
I love dogs and I was surrounded by almost 40 of them and I really wanted my phone.
Had my phone been on me I would have made Rob take my picture with every single dog there.

But by midweek I didn’t care about my phone at all.
And, I noticed that I was enjoying the trip a lot more because I wasn’t obsessing over getting the perfect shot.

I did, however, pull out my phone on the last night to take some pictures, but I wasn’t that into it.
None of them came out good so I won’t post them.

So, while I may not have great pictures to share I’ll always have the memories.

And I will never forget the way the lights danced at night.
Or how the deep blue lake mirrored the mountains around it so clearly.
Or how happy the dogs were as they were pulling me through the most beautiful snow-white forest I’d ever seen.

I’ll also never forget the delicious tea time charcuterie and cake spread that was set up for every day during the first part of our trip.
Or how I had the best spaghetti of my life while I was there.
It was a good trip.


We stopped in Germany for the night on the way home.
We, of course, went to the Christmas markets.
I was still not ready to be in phone mode, but Germany has awesome Christmas markets.
And the cutest half-timbered houses.
Glad I got to see it.

*P.s. Rob actually got a good picture of himself…

That’s all for now. It’s NYE so I’m going to go get ready now. Happy New Year!

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