adult years

I don’t like hearing this…

One thing I often hear is, “Well I didn’t have it as bad as you, so I’m okay.”
People tend to dismiss their own pain because of my story.
They figure that since they didn’t, “have it as bad as I did,” that their pain doesn’t matter.

This bothers me since I believe that all pain is equal.
And that it can stem from many different places, not just sexual abuse.
Lack of love, neglectful parents, cheating spouses, being told you’re not good enough, or being bullied at school.
It can come from anywhere.

No one person’s pain is more important than the next.
Just because someone had it “worse” than you doesn’t mean that your struggles aren’t important.

I share my pain on this blog, and I hope you know that your pain is equally as important as mine.
Because all pain matters.
All pain is the same.


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