Teen Years

Before 16 (Poem)

I just wanted to be a normal teen.

She’s pretty faced and put together,
She must have the best life ever.
Is what people thought of her.
But if they only knew,
What she goes through,
When she goes home,
It’s like a danger zone.

He’s always there,
With a sick fixed stare,
Going through her underwear drawers when no one’s watching,
Her young teenage friends catch him stalking.
Confront him and he’ll manipulate you with his fast-talking,
Saying it’s her fault he can’t stop his gawking.

All this making her wish she was someone else,
And that he would keep his hands to himself.

Deep down she just wants to be a normal teen,
Football games, pep rallies, and prom queen.
But he had exposed her to a life so obscene,
All before I turned sixteen.


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