You’re a grown-up whose been told,
That in today’s world.
You must mask your troubles,

Ignore your struggles,
Lock them in a tiny bubble.
Force that smile,
Because sharing pain ain’t grown-up style.

So Don’t complain,
We all have pain.
I don’t know yours, you don’t know mine,
But let’s pretend that we’re all fine.
Wipe those eyes, no time to cry,
This is the grown-up lullaby.

But what if you did share?
And allowed those around you to show they care.
How would you feel?
Would it help you heal?
Would you feel less alone,
Like you don’t have to carry the pain on our own.

It’s brave to share and okay to cry,
Give it a try,
And ditch the grown-up lullaby.


  1. To quote Gary Zukav, “Your suffering has meaning in this world.” I am still working on this….hugs, Jacklyn❤️.

    1. Thank you for reading and I love the quote. It’s taken a long time to feel that way, and I’m still not completely there.

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