The Best Thing About Being Settled

We’ve been in our new place for 3 weeks and I’m starting to feel settled.
We just need a couple more things to make it feel a bit more “homey.”
The one thing I’m enjoying most about being settled is…
my morning routine.
Which is surprising since I normally hate getting up in the morning.
But now that I have a routine, getting up isn’t so bad.
And, sticking to it is so much easier now that we are in one spot.

In the morning, I get up, work out, eat healthy and do some writing while watching the sunrise over the mountains.
It’s the most peaceful time of my day.
It makes me feel like everything is gonna be alright.
Not that anything is bad, but I feel a sense of calm and accomplishment after my routine.

Being settled has also made it easier to eat healthy.
When I traveled all I wanted to do was eat the local cuisine and pastries.
Now, I do a very clean meal prep and eat 5 times a day.
Even though it’s bland and boring, having the fridge stocked with ready to eat meals keeps me from going all day without eating.
Which keeps me full and prevents me from binging on junk at night.
I still treat myself, usually on weekends, but I’ve noticed the more I eat healthy the more my junk food cravings go away.
And, the healthier I eat the better I feel.

I’ve also been working on my mindset.
I’m usually so negative about myself, so I’ve been going heavy on the compliments.
Whenever I have a negative thought about myself I turn it into a positive one.
Changing my mindset has been huge for me.
It’s allowed me to view myself in a positive way and believe in myself a bit more.

All in all, a little structure and routine have led me to a healthier body and mindset.
And I’m loving it.
Feeling pretty good right now.

Do you do well with routine and structure?

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