The Pearls (Poem)

This early morning mountain view,
Has me thinking about me and you.
Will I ever see you again?
Was 8 years ago really the end?
I found those pearls you gave me, you know the ones,
You gave them to me the day I turned 21,
4 years before I told you that we were done.
I cried and almost threw them away,
But didn’t, because there was something sweet about that day.
The pearls had me feeling emotional,
Our relationship is so dysfunctional.

It’s Bittersweet, I must confess,
How can a pair of pearls turn me into such a mess?
I was happy then mad,
Over the relationship we never had.
Yoga and coffee dates,
Are sadly not in our fate.
I thought I was fine,
And that I let go of this wish of mine.
The love I never got from you is my weakness,
There has to be a way to beat this.
Speaking up I don’t regret,
But I do wish I could forget.
That you’re out there,
And just doesn’t care.
Being estranged,
Is something I would never change.
So I’m not gonna let these pearls get me down,
Because sadly I’m better without you around.
This I know,
So into the trash they go.
Because I hate these pearls on string,
And all the emotions that they bring.

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