4 Places To Seek Help From Sexual Abuse

Seeking help for sexual abuse is important.
Sometimes it may feel like there is no one you can turn to.
I know I felt like that before Rob was in my life, but even then I didn’t want to burden him with all of my pain.
So, I sought help outside of him.

If you feel like you need help, but don’t know who to turn to, keep reading…

Who to turn to for help

1. Join a survivors group


There are many support groups out there specifically for those who have been sexually abused.
Being around others who share the same struggles and experiences can be healing in itself.
It can help you feel less alone and less embarrassed because you are surrounded by people who have all been through something similar.
Everyone is there to share, heal and support each other.
I know I always say this, but there really is healing in sharing.
It’s helped me more than anything else in my own journey.

2. See a therapist


If the thought of joining a survivors group is too much, I completely understand.
I remember the fear of joining a group like it was yesterday.
Which is why I didn’t start with a group.
I started one on one with a therapist and then worked my way up to group settings.
It took me years to open up in front of a group, six years to be exact.

If you are ready to seek to help, I believe seeing a therapist is an amazing, courageous first step.
It was for me.
Pick someone you’re comfortable with.
For me, having a female therapist was important (for obvious reasons).
While I don’t agree with every single method my therapist took me through, I do appreciate how she allowed me to open up and vent.
Venting feels good. It’s cleansing.

3. Tell a friend


If a survivors group and therapist doesn’t feel right quite yet, simply tell a friend.
Make sure it’s someone that you are close to and trust.
Just remember, your friend isn’t responsible for your healing.
But, telling a friend is a good way to let your story out.

4. Tell A family member


Healing is a lot easier when you have family to support you.
If you are close to your family, tell them.
I know telling my dad and husband, while hard, made my healing process a lot easier.
They were there to pick me up on my darkest days.
And they did so through simply loving me.
For that, I will forever be grateful.
And sharing with my dad is what actually brought us closer together.

*After reading this I hope you feel like you now have some sort of direction as to where you can turn for help. You don’t have to take this on alone anymore and keep it hidden.
Beginning to heal is about doing what feels right for you when you’re ready.
Are you ready?

*UPDATE: With the coronavirus, getting help in person isn’t possible but you can find online help at http://www.aftersilence.org/.

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