adult years

The Well

Emma looked into the well.
In it were thousands of people and they all had the same look.
It was the look of sadness.
“Why are they so sad?” Emma asked.
“Because they are in a lot of pain,” Regal replied.“If the well is causing them pain, let’s pull them out,” Emma said matter of factly.
“It’s not the well that’s causing them pain. It’s the pain they’re carrying inside that causes them pain.”
Emma looked at all the sad faces.
And as she looked a little closer, she saw her Mother’s face in the well.
“Mom!” she screamed reaching in and trying to pull her out, but there was a glass barrier between them.
“Regal, help! We must get my Mom out,” Emma demanded.
“Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. The only way your Mother can break free of the well is to let go of her pain.”
Emma ran and picked up a large rock and started beating on the glass in desperation.
“It’s no use. You can’t take away her pain. Your Mother is the only one who can set herself free. Free from the pain equals free from the well.”
But, Emma wasn’t listening and she continued to beat on the glass barrier until she hit exhaustion.
She looked at her trapped Mother and her heart broke.
There was nothing she could do.

Her Mother chose to remain trapped in the well of her own pain for years to come.


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