How I Spent My Birthday

I recently turned 33 and I got the opportunity to spend my birthday in Ireland.

For my birthday Rob drove me to Dublin where he said he had a “birthday surprise” for me.

I have to say, Rob knows me so well because our first stop on our way to Dublin was a place called The Perfumery.
The Perfumery makes organic skin care products and teas which are two of my favorite things.
It’s also adorable, with stone buildings, blue doors and greenery.
The building on the right is a tearoom where we sat and had tea and scones.
The building on the left is where they make all their skin care, so I picked up a few creams and a rose-hip oil.


On our way out to the car, the sweetest black lab came running up to me.
I love dogs, and one of the best things about traveling is getting to meet dogs all over the world.


When we got to Dublin we were starving so we had burritos in the park.


After lunch, we checked into our hotel.
We had a few hours to kill until my “birthday surprise,” so we walked around and explored the city.

Dublin is beautiful this time of year, the Fall colors were in full force and magical.


We had dinner reservations but I was still full from the burritos, so we skipped dinner and got pumpkin spice lattes instead.
After the lattes it was time for my “birthday surprise,” and I was so excited when I saw that it was an escape room!
The escape room consisted of 7 rooms that we had to find our way out of.
To our embarrassment, we only made it out of the first room.
We had fun though, but it was harder than expected.
It would have been a easier with more people.

After the escape room we had a night cap.


And then did cake and presents a few days later.


Never did I imagine that I would get to spend my birthday in Ireland!
This will be one I will never forget.

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