Last Minute or Right on Schedule?

Right now, I’m having breakfast in a coffee shop in Ireland.
I’m working on my blog while helping Rob organize his upcoming “Blackout Trip.”

A “Blackout Trip” is a trip that Rob hosts to help people “blackout” completely from technology for a few days.
He is hosting one at the end of this month in Ireland.
And to be honest, he doesn’t have much planned.

When it comes to hosting events, I’m a planner.
If I’m throwing a birthday party, I start planning a month before.
Friendsgiving, early October.
Dinner parties, the week before.
I’m not one to throw things together last minute.
I like the details sorted out well in advanced.

Rob is the opposite.
The event is 2 weeks away and all has is a location.
There is nothing wrong with this.
Rob does things differently.
I’m not judging.
But, I’d be lying if I said I’m not freaking out inside.

Catering, transportation, and activities still need booking.
The planner in me wants to take over and sort it all out right now, asap.
It’s less than 20 days away!

We have people flying in for this.
And, the pressure to make sure they have an enjoyable experience is arising.
I feel a bit stressed.

For something as big as this I would have started six months ago.
To have peace of mind and time to adjust incase anything goes wrong.
But it’s not my trip, it’s Rob’s.
And his last minute planning doesn’t have him fazed.
He’s so calm about it.

Part of me admires his calmness.
The other part of me wants to yell, “Why didn’t you start planning this earlier.”
But, doing this won’t do any good.

I’m finding it very hard to sit back and not plan it all myself.
But I know Rob, and the moment I start trying to take over he will get annoyed because it’s his thing not mine.
And I respect that.

One thing I know, is that Rob works well under pressure.
I know he will pull off a great trip.
So I’m going to trust that and support him in any way I can.
And the first step to supporting him is not freaking out.
I will keep my cool and help him when he asks help.

Are you an early or last minute planner?

I wrote this post 3 weeks ago but forgot to post it. I participated in Rob’s recent Blackout Trip in Ireland. He did a great job and can’t wait to share what I learned during my tech free experience!

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