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How To Heal (Poem)

How do I heal?
From all this pain and anger I feel,
What happened was real,
My innocence they did steal.
I want revenge,
And the disturbing memories to end.
I never got to be a kid,
Because of what they did.
Forced to grow up fast,
Now dealing with the pain of my past.
Because they couldn’t “help themselves,”
When I was only five and 12.
So, how do I heal from all this shit that happened?
I write the pain away, never look back and
Take it day by day.
Look up and pray,
Address it all,
Let myself fall,
To my knees,
And give it up to God above,
Let myself feel his love.
Allow myself to cry,
And to stop asking “Why?”
Remind myself to feel grateful,
And a little less hateful,
Towards those who did this.
Practice forgiveness,
Feel the grief,
Build up self-belief.
The more I do this,
My anger and pain decrease,
And the more I feel at peace.

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