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How To Make Your Soul Happy

“Do what makes your soul happy.”
This quote used to annoy me.
I’d see it all over Pinterest.
Printed on journals, wall decor and t-shirts.
I’d see the damn quote at least once a week in some form, and every time I did I’d get annoyed.

“Why does this quote annoy me so much?”
My answer was simple.
My soul wasn’t happy nor did I know what makes it happy.

This was the start of my healing journey.
Not because of the quote, but for many other reasons.

Part of my healing journey has been figuring out (and doing) what makes me happy.
I discovered that the number one thing that makes my soul happy…
Is being in nature.

Here’s why…


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I can be completely stressed, sad or angry, but the second I step into nature I feel at peace.
The trees, creeks, fresh air, silence and stillness all give off a peaceful energy that I find healing.

For me, this kind of healing peace only happens in nature that’s woodsy.
The desert and the beach don’t have the same effect on me.
The desert makes me feel lonely and the beach makes me feel overwhelmed because it’s usually crowded.

So, whenever I’m feeling down I know a lush green forest will cheer me up and bring me a sense of peace.




Living in a city always makes me feel like I need more.
More money, more things, more everything.

When I’m in the nature, my desire for “more” disappears.
I stop thinking about all that I don’t have and refocus my attention on all that I do have.

My gratitude intensifies when I’m in nature.
And when I feel a sense of gratitude, my soul is happy because I’m less likely to feel stressed.




I spend a lot of time indoors on the computer.
It’s not good.
After several hours on the computer, I feel blah and sluggish.

Everything in nature is alive.
And when I’m in nature, the energy of the natural world all around me becomes the energy of me.

Slow down


I often feel like I’m rushing through the day.
Whatever I’m doing, I rush through it so I can get to the next task.

Our society is all about moving fast.
It’s go, go, go.
With no time to savor anything.

Nature is the opposite.
Everything moves slow in nature.
And the slow pace of nature allows me the freedom to slow down as well.

There is no internet to distract me.
No loud noises.
No errands to run or dishes to do.
My world stops, and I have time to appreciate and be present with everything and everyone around me.

If I want to admire a tree for five minutes, I do because the pressure to move fast isn’t there.

Nature is the best way to slow down, and when I do, my soul becomes happier.


I have always felt a sense of happiness being in nature.
I just never realized it or allowed myself to feel it.
Now that I recognize it, I immerse myself in nature more often.
“Doing what makes my soul happy” isn’t just a cheesy quote anymore, it’s a daily practice.

What makes your soul happy?

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