How Social Media Has Changed My Life The Worst

Rob is hosting a Blackout Trip here in Ireland at the end of the month.
A Blackout Trip is all about going tech free.
No internet, no social media, no phone and no technology for a certain amount of time.

Rob’s been suggesting that I go tech free for a few days.
But, I’ve never been interested.
Don’t get me wrong, I think going tech free is a great idea.
As long as it doesn’t apply to me.
Because, “I don’t have issues with technology,” or so I thought until a few days ago…

We had just arrived in Ireland and had five hours to kill until our Airbnb was ready.
We decided to pass the time at a local coffee shop.
We walk into coffee shop, and the first thing I do is ask the waitress for the wifi password.

“There’s no wifi here,” the waitress replies. “In fact, there is no wifi anywhere in town.”

I look outside the coffee shop window and scope the town out in a panic.
It’s tiny.
Two bars, one mini market and a chemist. None of which would have wifi.
If any place were to have wifi it would be this cafe, but it doesn’t.

I start to feel annoyed.
“How’s there no wifi?”

I look at Rob and the lack of wifi doesn’t seem to phase him, but I was panicking inside.
“I need to check email.”
“What’s going on with Insta.”
“I need to pin stuff ,” I kept thinking.

Then I caught myself, and realized that I might have a problem.

Here I was in Ireland, one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and I was freaking out over not being able to pin or double tap for a few hours.

“What has become of me, am I completely dependent on technology like the rest of the world?”

Up until last year, I never had a social media account.
No Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram. Nothing.
And when I joined, I did so to support my blog.
Now I find myself swiping through social out of mindless habit.
The next thing I know, I’ve wasted 30 minutes.
And I do this like 3 times a day, resulting in an 1.5 hours wasted daily.
That 1.5 hours could be put towards working or spending time with Rob and Lucy.

While I don’t view social media as bad, I realize I need to establish boundaries to limit my time there.

And after my coffee shop panic, a “Blackout” might be the experience I need.
Can you go without tech for a few days?

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