The Hardest Thing About Travel

Rob and I love to travel.
In fact, we are on a plane right now headed to Ireland for the month.

When we got engaged he told me, “We are going to go on adventures.”
At the time I didn’t think anything of it, but I quickly realized he wasn’t joking.
Because as soon as we were married we went to Puerto Vallarta for our honeymoon and then moved to New Zealand right after.
Our adventures had begun.

We got used to traveling carefree at a moment’s notice without any responsibilities to hold us back, it was great.
Then we got Lucy, and all of a sudden we couldn’t travel on a whim anymore because it’s not easy finding a last minute dog sitter.
And when I say last minute, I mean “Can you be here in 2 hours to babysit my dog for a week?” kind of last minute.
Because, I didn’t believe in changing my lifestyle for a dog.
And to be honest, I wasn’t that into her when we first got her.
I loved her, but leaving her wasn’t that hard.
I would miss her, but I was fine.

Now three years later, Lucy and I are best friends and leaving her has become the hardest thing about travel.

I get short-tempered and anxious the days leading up to a long trip.
Even though I know she is in good hands, I still get thoughts of,
“What if she doesn’t get fed properly,”
“What if she gets lost,”
“What if she doesn’t get enough cuddles and loving, like she’s used to.”
These thoughts run through my head and I stress myself out.

I tell myself she will be fine, but the moment I have to say goodbye I fall apart inside and tear up.
To most people she is just a dog, but to me she is my baby Lucy.
And I worry about her when I’m gone.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited about Ireland, but there is also hint of sadness because going  means being away from Lucy for 30 days.
We just left her for 45 days three months ago.

I feel like a bad dog owner always leaving my dog to travel.
It’s not fair to her, and I know she misses us.

Needless to say, leaving her all the time is getting tiresome.
I feel like I’m always missing her.

I know it’s hard on Rob too, so before we got on the plane we agreed to start cutting trips a little shorter.
Space them out a bit so we don’t feel like we are always leaving Lucy.
And I’m happy with this decision.

I never thought a dog would dictate my way of life.
I feel so attached and it might not be normal.
Do you have a hard time leaving your pet?
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