My 4 Favorite Spots In San Francisco

Rob and I spent our first year of marriage living in San Francisco.
Back then we were two kids- young, dumb, and broke.

Our first year of marriage was financially our hardest, but it’s my favorite because
it was the year I started a new life with my new husband in a new city.

Every time I think of San Francisco I think of all the fun times we had as newlyweds.
For this reason, San Francisco will always hold a special place in my heart.

Sharing my 4 favorite spots that I used to frequent with Rob when we lived in San Francisco.


1. ARLEQUIN (Hayes Valley)


I am not a fan of coffee. Most coffee is either too strong or too bitter, but Arlequin coffee is just right.
It’s honestly the best coffee I’ve ever had.

When I lived in San Fran, I would stop by Arlequin in the mornings on my way to work for an almond mocha and a brioche doughnut.

Aside from having the best coffee in the world, Arlequin also has breakfast, a variety of lunch options, homemade pastries, cheese boards and wine.

But the thing that makes Arlequin really stand out is there adorable back patio which always seems to get the perfect amount of sunshine. (That’s Rob in the blue jacket)


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On Sundays afternoon’s Rob and I would sit on the patio while enjoying a cheeseboard and a glass of wine.

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Arlequin also has good wifi making it the perfect work spot.


2. Bob’s Donuts (On Polk Street)

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Opened 24 hours, Bob’s was our go to spot after a late night out at the bars with friends. It’s a family owned business that sticks to old fashioned traditional recipes like chocolate bars and glazed donuts.

The shop is nothing fancy, but the doughnuts make up for it because they are always hot, fresh and cheap.
My favorites are the apple fritter and the cinnamon cake doughnut.

There is usually always a line down the sidewalk, especially on Sunday mornings and around 2 a.m after the bars have closed, but I found that going midday on a weekday is usually the best time to avoid waiting in line.


3. Green Lantern Bar (California and Leavenworth)


This is my favorite bar in the city located a few step from where we used to live.

While a lot of bars are loud and rowdy, this bar is the opposite and I always found it to be a spot where Rob and I could sit, relax and and hear each other in conversation.

The bar is in a neighborhood surrounded by apartments and has no visible name, making it an easy miss, but if you look closely you will see two green lanterns flickering on the outside- hence why I call it “Green Lantern Bar.”


I never did find out the name of the bar when we lived there.
In Fact, it wasn’t until our visit last week (6 years later) that I realized the name of the bar is Zeki’s…


Snapseed (15)

but to me it will always be the “Green Lantern Bar.”


4. AT&T park

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I am not a fan of baseball.

I actually think baseball is the longest, most boring never ending sport.
However, I do feel like you can’t get the true San Francisco experience without going to AT&T park.

The park itself is one of the prettiest baseball parks I’ve been to, but the main reason I like going is for the food and the view.

When it comes to the food, they have everything from gourmet pizza to sushi.
And, when it comes to the view, AT&T park overlooks the beautiful San Francisco bay.

Snapseed (14)


Snapseed (9)

It does get pretty chilly at night so I recommend taking a large jacket or blanket and warming up with Ghirardelli hot chocolate.

These are my top 4 favorite spots.
What are your favorite spots in San Fran?

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