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How I Deal With Unsupportive Family Members

12:13 am.
I just got into bed for the night.

I check my phone one last time before I fall asleep.
11 new emails, “Must be spam again,” I think.

I open my inbox only to realize that it’s worse than spam.
It’s a family member, blowing up my inbox and blog with hatred.
She did this six months ago as well.
She doesn’t like what I’m writing.
She doesn’t like that I’m speaking up.
And apparently she likes to spew hate every six months.

But this time, her messages were extra venomous.
Saying how she wishes I’d “Get cancer and die.”
She sounded possessed or maybe just drunk.

Last time she reached out, I tried defend myself and tell her that I love her.
And last night I felt myself wanting to do the same, but I just didn’t have it in me because I just don’t care anymore.

But six months ago I did care.
Six months ago, her messages broke me emotionally. I was a wreck.

This time I realized that I have the power on how I let this situation affect me.
I can let it break me and mess with me emotionally, or I can keep moving forward.
And I choose to keep moving forward.

So how do I deal with unsupportive family members?
I try to control how I react. I keep the power and don’t give it to them.
And of course it’s hard, but it’s all I can do.

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