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Healing doesn’t have to be so serious.

A couple weeks ago I shared a post called 3 Ways To Heal Your Soul,
And I mention one of the ways I heal my soul is by doing things that make me happy.

Well, after I posted 3 Ways To Heal Your Soul,
I realized I don’t often do the things that make me happy.

I love painting furniture, decorating cakes, creating art, dancing and cooking new recipes.
But, I can’t remember the last time I decorated a cake just for fun.
I can’t remember the last time I browsed around an old thrift store in search of my next vintage fixer upper.
I also can’t remember when I cooked a new meal for the simple pleasure of creating and not out of daily routine or necessity.

Before the blog, I was a housewife with nothing to focus on.
I’d paint furniture and experiment with new recipes all the time.
I attended improv classes and art classes.
And these things made me happy.

Now that I have the bog, my priorities have shifted, and I’m glad they have.
I don’t want to just chill everyday painting furniture and making cakes.
And while my blog may be just a blog, it feels good to do work that matters to me.

For some reason, I have lost sight of doing the things I love.
I don’t spend time painting or going to improv because that time could be put towards writing content, taking pictures, editing those pictures, finding hashtags, making newsletters, filming videos for youtube, editing the videos and working on my side project. (Which I won’t reveal yet, but am excited about it!)

Needless to say, there is always something I could be doing.
Making time to do something just because it makes me happy, makes no sense when I feel like I’m always behind and playing catch up.

This has been my mindset for the last year.
But, I shouldn’t be sacrificing my happiness for work.

While writing my blog makes me happy, what I share doesn’t always make me happy.
Sometimes what I write puts me in a bad mood.
And it’s okay because it’s how I’m feeling in the moment and sharing it is how I heal.
But, I also heal through creating and having fun and this last year I lost my fun, creative side.
Now that I’ve noticed it, I can bring it back.

So my challenge to myself is to set aside one hour a week to do something fun.
Dance, paint, sing, bake, draw or try something new that I’ve always wanted to try.

Because this healing process, and life, doesn’t always have to be so serious.

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What is something fun you can do for one hour this week totally for yourself?



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