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3 Ways To Heal Your Soul

For years my soul felt heavy and sad.
I thought it would heal on its own, in time, but it wasn’t.
So I started doing things to nourish my soul.

While I can’t say that I’m completely healed,
I can say that I have found 3 ways that have helped bring healing into my soul.
Maybe these 3 ways can help bring some healing into your soul…

1. Writing



Before I started writing, I used to keep everything bottled up inside, which weighed heavily on my soul.

Now, whenever I feel lost, confused or weighed down by emotions or bad memories of my childhood, I write it out.
I never plan what I’m going to write, I simply let the words flow.

This process has been emotionally cleansing for me and has led to some unexpected and greatly appreciated clarity.

2. Creating

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When I’m in the process of creating something new all my worries disappear.
I become so focused on the task before me that nothing else matters in the moment.

Tapping into my creative side makes me happy inside.
I love experimenting and expressing myself through art, cooking, diy projects, and decorating.

The simple act of creating something new gives me a sense of accomplishment.
It also brings fun and lightness into my life.

So whether I’m creating a new meal for Rob and I or making a new youtube video,
I find that I am most content and at ease when I’m creating.

3. Bond With An Animal

IMG_1962 (3)


This one was unexpected.
As I wasn’t a dog person when we got Lucy.
And at the time, I was in such a dark and scary place emotionally, that adding a dog into the mix didn’t seem like something I could handle.

I remember telling Rob repeatedly, “I don’t want a dog,” but he insisted.
And I’m so happy he did because Lucy and I have a bond that I never expected.
She is always by my side making me laugh and being cuddly.
She has warmed my heart, and her always happy demeanor and unconditional love brings me joy and comfort every single day.

I have always heard that dogs can be therapeutic but never believed it until Lucy came into my life.

What heals your soul?

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