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Never Ever (Poem)

Never ever did I dream,
I’d see the places I have seen.

Never ever did imagine,
All the memories that have happened.
Like walking through the romantic streets of Vienna in December,
Hand in hand, It’s something I’ll always remember.
Never ever did I know,
How lively Barcelona becomes after dark,
And how time flies when sipping Sancerre in a Paris park.
Never ever did I realize,
How Scotland can be so green,
It’s something known, but not really appreciated until seen.
And I will always remember snorkeling the clear waters of Thailand.
And how when I got scared, you came and grabbed my hand.
Never ever will forget,
How crazy Oktoberfest gets in Germany,
People drinking and singing in perfect harmony.
Never ever did I know how delicious chocolate can taste until Switzerland,
Or how picturesque the streets are in England.
Never ever will I forget,
Dry tubing down the Costa Rican river,
And how the sunsets in Jamaica shimmer,
Or the beautiful flowers in New Zealand,
Fields of pink,
That gave me time to be grateful and think.
And never ever will I forget,
Seeing the Sydney Opera House in Australia,
And why we didn’t make it to The Great Wall in Asia.
Or the bittersweet Sangria in Spain,
And how pretty Paris is in the rain.
But above all,
Never ever did I know,
All the places I would go.
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