adult years

Into The Unknown

Then the trunk of the tree opened wide and inside was nothing but darkness.
“What lies inside the tree?” I wondered.
“Do I dare find out?”

Finding out would mean venturing out of my comfort zone,
Something I rarely do, something I’m afraid to do.
It would be easier to stay.
Because comfort zones were made for comfort.
And comfort is what I sought.

If I were to go inside the tree.
What would lie ahead?
I touched the tree and of all of a sudden it began to glow.
My first reaction was to run away in fear, but the glow of the tree was inviting.
Inviting me to move forward beyond everything I had ever known.

But fear had me hesitant, paralyzed.
For the unknown that lied inside the tree scared me.
But not finding out scared me even more.

The glowing tree started to flicker and the trunk started to seal shut.
Time is running out.
“This is my chance,” I nervously thought. “Move forward into the unknown or stay the same.”

I quickly and bravely took a step forward.
Into the tree.
Away from the past.
Away from the comfort.
And into the unknown.
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