She never loved Herself.
Herself, she hated.
And was completely jaded,

She never liked Herself.
She thought others would feel the same,
So she criticized them to keep them away.
Hurt them before they hurt Her,
This is what she preferred.

She never praised Herself.
Always tearing Herself down,
When she thought no one was around.

She never let Herself cry.
To Her, crying showed weakness,
It wasn’t allowed.
She was always too proud.

She never believed in Herself.
No self-worth and lack of self-esteem,
Her life was nothing but a bad dream.
With problems she never wanted to address.
She didn’t need help, because she knew best.

I’ve always wondered,
Why she never loved me.
The deeper I dig, the more I see,
That it really has nothing to do with me.
Because in reality,
How could she have loved me,
When she never loved,

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