I was raised to serve my family,
Be a people pleaser,

Mainly to appease Her.
I had to think ahead,
Anticipate needs and wants,
And if I didn’t,
I was in trouble.
Considered selfish.

For years it was never about me.
Always put them first,
Even if it meant going through the worst,
Exchanging my happiness for theirs.
Self-neglect of my own affairs.

It has taken a long time to learn,
Putting others first can’t be at my expense.
I’m learning to draw the lines,
And stop pushing my needs aside.

Now, I’m making myself a priority.
Not in a selfish way.
But, in a nurturing way.

Whether it’s through writing.
Eating a healthy meal.
Or just simply taking time to myself.

So that I can be,
A better me.

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