The Time We Never Had

Sometimes I get sad,
Over the time we never had.

I know you do too,
But who knew,
I’d be spending Easter with you.

After all these years,
Of sadness and tears.
We were able to push through,
Spend some time, just me and you.

In person, talking.
Taking Lucy walking.
Going to Wake Up and grabbing coffee,
Agreeing we don’t like our “sopa” too brothy.

Cooking together in the kitchen,
You telling stories, while I listened.
You’ve got some crazy stories, yes you do,
But I like getting to know about you.

And when my car battery died,
You drove to be by my side.
When Dairy Queen said that they were closing early,
You walked through the drive-thru without a worry.
You got our ice cream,
I don’t know how you stay so naturally lean.
I wish I had gotten those genes.

This weekend with you was a ton of fun,
I must admit, I’m sad it’s now done.

But this weekend I learned,
To no longer be concerned.
Over the time we never had,
Instead I will be grateful and glad,
For what I now have…
growing friendship with my Dad.

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