It’s Easy

It’s easy to stay mad.
Blame everything on mom and dad.
And how my childhood was so bad.

It’s easy to diss him.
And keep feeling like a victim.
Holding onto such strife.
Feeling like he ruined my life.

It’s easy to continue feeling scared.
Talking about how she never cared.
Feeling unloved and forgotten.
Telling myself I was never wanted.

It’s harder to let go.
But I know.
Letting go will help me grow.

It’s also hard to forgive.
But holding a grudge is no way to live.
What happened wasn’t right.
But I don’t have to live with such spite.

Time to drop the hostility.
And take some responsibility.
Because only I choose how this affects me.

It’s time to start,
Healing my mind and my heart.

All this is easier said than done,
But the forgiving process has begun.


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