Just Get Over It.

“Just get over it.”
Is what I think every single day.
When my thoughts begin to stray.
And when my temper begins to fray.

“Just get over it.”
I say to myself.
Place my emotions on the shelf.
Because the past doesn’t matter.
So stop feeling battered.
Memories are just memories.
So don’t waste your money on random therapies.

“Just get over it.”
You’re grown up.
Suck it up.
You have a great life.
Dog mom.
Let it go.
You know.
Nothing you say or do.
Will make Her love you.
Don’t waste your time.
Wishing everything was fine.

“Just get over it.”
Are my daily thoughts.
Then I shut down like a robot.
When I feel the pain, the anger, or question “Why.”
I push it all aside.
Retreat and hide.
Address the problem for a bit.
Until it becomes too painful, then quit.

“Just get over it.”
I think.
I feel myself on the brink.
Of completely shuting down again.
Going back to playing pretend.
Masking it all.
Bringing back the walls.
Because addressing it is just too painful.
I need a break.
I’m becoming sad and hateful.


“Just get over it.”
Is my own shitty advice.
That will no longer suffice.
Sweeping it under the rug.
And finding other things to think of.
Is just a temporary fix.
That never really sticks.
It hasn’t worked in the past.
And I want closure that lasts.
As hard as it is.
I will continue this journey.
Because I am worthy.

So I won’t “Just get over it,”
I will commit.
Get stronger,
And never quit.

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