Teen Years

When It’s Over (Poem)

When it was over.
I thought it was all over.
The physical pain had ended.
But my emotional pain extended.
Years into years.
I buried my tears.
Pushed the pain aside.
And tried to hide.
I thought I was free.
Like the trauma didn’t have a hold on me.
But in reality.
The pain was so great.
That it turned into hate.
Hate that I carry till this day.
Cuz what would I do if it went away?
Would I be happier?
Stress free?
But you still bother me.
Acting as if you did nothing.
A step-father just showing his loving.
The memories still haunt.
Yet you act so nonchalant.
Living scot-free.
Never giving a damn about what you did to me.
And the long term effects it still has on me.
For me the pain still lingers on.
Even though your gone.
Because when it’s over,
It’s not really over.

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