You used to pick me up when I was ten.
To me, you looked like Susan Sarandon.

Red hair, bright blue eyes,
With you I was never criticized.

You were obsessed with fitness.
I don’t know if you remember this,
But at the store I screamed and threw a fit.
Until I got my Oreo ice cream, I would not quit.

I’m sorry for being a brat.
Looking back,
I was too old to be acting like that.

You never treated me like an unwanted guest,
And weekends with you, were always the best.

We bonded over baking,
As if you knew my heart was aching.
First thing you showed me to make,
Was your famous pistachio bundt cake.

I always stirred the batter,
And you would talk to me,
Like I mattered.

With you I was never afraid to speak,
you gave me the attention I’d always seek.

Radio on,
All my worries gone.
You humming a sweet sound,
Made up for my Dad not being around.

You stepped up when you didn’t have to,
It’s almost like you somehow knew,
I desperately needed someone like you.

Who knew that my Dad’s girlfriend,
Was actually for me,
A godsend.

Wherever you are at,
I want you to know,
I am forever grateful.
And I miss baking and chatting at your kitchen table.

Thank you for truly caring,
And for not seeing me like some kind of errand,
I will never forget you,


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