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The Conversation That Started My Journey To Self-Worth

“What don’t you like about yourself?”
Rob asked as we were chatting over happy hour garlic fries.

This may sound like an unusual question, but it’s typical for us.

Without much thought, I started rattling off things that I don’t like about myself.
He finally stopped me and asked, “Now, what do you love about yourself?”

“No one has ever asked me that question before.”
I laughed and tried to ignore his question.

“What do you love about yourself?” he repeated.

I felt uncomfortable. I looked all around.
The walls, the ceiling, the floor.
Anywhere but at him.

“I don’t know,” I replied.

He pressed on. “You don’t love yourself?”

I panicked because I didn’t want to say it out loud.
I didn’t want Rob to think I was depressed again, or worse, have him think less of me.
I have always tried to come off as confident and strong.
At least in his eyes.

Then I looked in his eyes, and I knew he already knew the answer.

There was no hiding.

“No.” I said. “I don’t love myself. I don’t even know what that would feel like.”

We both teared up.

This was the conversation that started my journey to self-love.
It also made me realize just how much I don’t love myself.
How hard I am on myself.
And how I struggle to believe in myself.

But, I want to love myself.
I want to believe in myself.
Because I am worthy.

My journey to self-worth has evolved.
At first, I thought caring for myself involved getting facials, massages, and taking candle-lit baths with glasses of wine.

But then I realized that my journey to self-worth had to start within.

Now I don’t have the 4-step secret system to having self-worth.
Loving and believing in myself is a work in progress.

I just wanted to share what is fueling my journey.

And to encourage you to ask yourself the question…

“Do you love yourself?”

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