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Healing from sexual abuse

Hi I'm jack!

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My Story

 I am the girl who didn’t speak up.
The girl who was sexually abused and raped by two men in her family.

The girl who kept the men’s secrets for fear of causing trouble…

Febuary 13

Let’s get this straight.
I don’t want to write this.
But, I need to write this.

For the last 20 years, I have been sweeping February 13th under the rug…

Year 1

WordPress emailed me a couple days ago.
“Congratulations, today is your 1 year blogging anniversary!”

I scrolled back to my first post.
 “My Story…”

What's New On The Blog

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When I was molested as a kid, I thought it was because of something I

The Fear

I’ve been working on a project for the last 9 months. In the beginning, I

Why I wrote

Baby J Says No!

When I was molested as a kid,
I thought it was because of something I did.
I felt scared and ashamed,
Like part of me would never be the same.
I was told to keep it a secret,
And that I would get in trouble if I didn’t keep it.
So I kept quiet.
Buried it.
Denied it.
I didn’t know what to do,
Or who to turn to.
I didn’t know,
That I could say “No!…”

Posts About Seeking Help

4 Places To Seek Help From Sexual Abuse

Seeking help for sexual abuse is important.
Sometimes it may feel like there is no one you can turn to.

I know I felt like that before Rob was in my life, but even then I didn’t want to burden him with all of my pain.
So, I sought help outside of him…

My One Message To The World If I Were To Die Tomorrow

Why did I wait so long to speak up about being sexually abused?

At the time, I was scared.
I was told I would get in trouble.
That no one would believe me.

I was embarrassed, I didn’t want anyone to know, not my neighbors or friends at school.

I was afraid of getting rejected by my Mother.
I knew someone who was thrown out on the street when she told her Mother that her step-dad was molesting her.
I feared the same thing would happen to me because my Mother and I never had a good relationship…

The First Step To Healing from Sexual Abuse

Bury it, carry it and avoid it.
This was how I dealt with the pain of being sexually abused.

I carried this painful burden for 26 years, because I didn’t think there was any other option.
I thought my life was destined to be one of misery because of what happened to me as a kid…